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The experts claim that there are three main features that make a property interesting: location, location, location. Naturally, this should not be taken literally; however, it is not too far from the truth either. The map search tool is very efficient. Choose a property that interests you. Select the area that interests you, unselect property types that do not interest you and click on the icon for more information on the property. It offers an easy way to find property that might interest you in a specific area. search >

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Like in a supermarket list through our offer of properties based on property type and depending on whether you want to rent or buy. Sort by size, price, number of rooms and date of posting. By choosing this type of search you can be sure that you have not missed anything, and it also offers an overview of other properties on the market. We have tried to make the lists clear with as many useful pieces of information on the property as possible. search property for sale >

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Use the filter to define your search parameters. Our search engine will generate those properties that best match your search criteria. It is the fastest way to check if there is a property that fulfils your wishes. search >